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Present Simple

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Present Simple worksheet preview
Present Simple

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Present Simple Tense

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Task 1 - Complete the sentences with the correct form of “to be”.

1)      I your new teacher.

2)    Molly my friend.

3)    Larry and Tom brothers.

4)    We from Hong Kong.

5)    Sarah and you friendly.

6)    The Smiths at the shops.

7)    Chris my uncle.

8)    This my favourite computer game.

9)    Her name Lilly.

10) You a pupil.



Task 2 – Rewrite the sentence into a negative sentence. Use the short forms of the verbs where you can. Look at the example.

e.g.: You are at home.  You aren't at home.

1)      I am fine.

2)    These are my father’s books.

3)    You are a nice boy.

4)    Mrs Rhodes is our teacher.

5)    There are six birds here.

6)    Mr Richardson is my grandpa.

7)    My first name is Mariah.

8)    We are at home.

9)    They are from Italy.

10) I am twelve today.



Task 3 - Change the following sentences into interrogative then give short answers according to the sign. Look at the examples.

e.g.: Mr Smith is at home. * Y  Is Mr Smith at home? Yes, he is.

      Tim and Peter are in the library. * N  Are Tim and Peter in the library? No, they aren’t.

1)      My aunt’s surname is Horner. * N

2)    Ms Peabody is married. * Y

3)    There is an orange in your bag. * N

4)    Her middle name is Clark. * Y

5)    These are my pens and pencils. * Y

6)    You are tired. * Y

7)    Linda is in the kitchen. * N

8)    Fluffy is a great dog. * N

9)    My exercise book is in my bag. * Y

10) Tim and Kim are at school. * N



Task 4 – Rewrite the sentences using the short forms of the verbs. Look at the example.

e.g.: You are at home.   You're at home.
1)      We are eleven today.

2)    She is not my sister.

3)    I am happy.

4)    You are from the USA.

5)    There are not two bags in the picture.

6)    That is a book.

7)    These are not our photos.

8)    Peter is my brother.

9)    I am not a pupil.

10) Mother is not 34.



Task 5 – Ask questions about the underlined words.

e.g.: She is at home.  Who is at home?
1)      We are in the bed.

2)    That is a camera.

3)    His name is Edward.

4)    This is my daughter.

5)    I am from Austria.

6)    Sarah is 11.

7)    Frank and Milo are in the garden.

8)    Leslie is happy today.

9)    My toothbrush is blue

10) The ball is small.

Created by Susan V. Toth