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Task 1 - Complete the sentences with the correct form of “have got”.

1)      My mother a watch.

2)    You an umbrella.

3)    Jeff an MP3 player.

4)    I dog.

5)    Mr and Mrs Tomlin a car.

6)    We a parrot.

7)    Agnes a hamster.

8)    I a spider.

9)    Mr Tidwell a DVD player.

10) Victor and you a computer.



Task 2 – Rewrite the sentence into a negative sentence. Do not use the short form. Look at the example.

e.g.: I have got a pencil. I have not got a pencil.

1)      I have got a mobile phone.

2)    Terri has got a mug.

3)    Mr Weber has got sixteen students.

4)    You have got a badge.

5)    Darlene and Ben have got a new teacher.

6)    We have got a cat.

7)    Daniel has got a radio.

8)    My father has got two brothers.

9)    The child has got a bike.

10) Grandma and grandpa have got a television.



Task 3 - Change the following sentences into interrogative then give short answers according to the sign. Look at the examples.

e.g.: Mr Smith has got a pet. * Y Has Mr Smith got a pet? Yes, he has.

      Tim and Peter have got a blue car. * N Have Tim and Peter got a blue car? No, they haven’t.

1)      Martin has got a rat. ­* Y

2)    Adam and Henry have got six fish. * N

3)    I have got twenty books. * N

4)    Mr Taylor has got thirty-four DVDs. * Y

5)    You have got three budgies. * N

6)    Danny has got a new CD player. * Y

7)    My uncle and aunt have got two sons. * N

8)    Martha has got birthday today. * Y

9)    I have got a toothbrush. * Y

10) Her cousin (Adam) has got an apple. * N



Task 4 – Rewrite the sentences using the short forms of the verbs. Look at the example.

e.g.: He has got an apple.  He's got an apple.
1)      We have got a big house.

2)    My sister has got a guinea pig.

3)    Her daughter has got a pink box.

4)    You have not got a photo.

5)    Samantha has got a new friend.

6)    I have not got a pen.

7)    You have got a son.

8)    Willy has not got a brother.

9)    Your grandpa has got three radios.

10) The Coltons have not got a horse.



Task 5 – Ask questions about the underlined words. Look at the example.

e.g.: He has got an apple. What has he got?
1)      Loretta has got a rabbit.

2)    I have got a car in the garage.

3)    We have got a house.

4)    His mother has got a red car.

5)    Tim has got eight DVDs.

6)    They have got English on Monday.

7)    Sally’s parents have got a shop.

8)    You have got karate training twice a week

9)    Billy has got a watch from his grandparents.

10) We have got ten balloons for your party.


Created by Susan V. Toth