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To Be

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The Verb "To Be"

Present Simple

Complete with am, is, are
1. I  eleven.
2. We  from Spain.
3. Brad  my cousin.
4. You  my friend.
5. Julie and Sam  American.
6. Nancy  six years old.
7. Bela and I  in the same class.
8. You and Janet  good friends.
9. Blue  my favourite colour.
10. It  a cat.
Write the sentences in the negative form.
1. She is from London.     
2. Jerry is a good student.     
3. Pamela and Sammy are French.    
4. He is Ron.    
5. They are in my class.    
6. We are from China.    
7. It is a big dog.    
8. I am twelve years old.    
Look at the following chart.










  Paul and Harry



Now answer these questions.
     1. Is Lucy eleven years old?    
                2. Is she from Brazil?             
                3. Is she American?                
   4. Is Michael twelve years old?    
               5. Is he Chinese?                            
    6. Are Paul and Harry ten years old? 
                7. Are they from the UK?                   
                8. Are they German?                           
Write questions and then answer them according to the symbols.  
 ( yes - Clap)     or     ( no - Cry)
e.g.  Anne is from France.
        Is Anne from France?            
 Cry -  No, she isn't
1. Jenny is Japanese.                                                 2. They are thirteen.
 Cry -                                                       Clap -
3. Peter is a good student.                                        4. Sally and Jane are sisters.
 Clap -                                                           Cry -
5. It is a red apple.                                                    6. We are best friends.
 Cry -                                                         Clap -