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New Years resolutions

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New Year resolutions
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New years resolutions
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
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1.Vocabulary: find a synonym and the French translation
quit = cut down            arreter
          stop                   continuer
start = try                     essayer
            begin                 commencer
cut down on =  reduce                        continuer
                        continue                      réduire
keep doing = give more effort             continuer
                     try hard                          faire plus d'efforts
2. Matching:
"Stop smoking"
"Don't flirt with boss"
"Go to the gym three times a week"
"Forget about thighs"
3. Fill in the gaps:
In 2011, I  help my parents in the house.
Then, I  try to get good marks at
 I  save  to buy a big present at the end of the year.
Afterwards, I  watch less .
And finally, I  stop eating  food.