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Present Simple Tense * Affirmative sentences * Part 1 * 3 exercises

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Present Simple Tense

Affirmative sentences - Part 1

TASK 1 - Write the correct form of the verbs in the brackets in the boxes.

E.g.: They ……… to school. (to go) è go


1)      I usually a bike in spring. (to ride)

2)      You dinner at 4 o’clock every day. (to prepare)

3)      Mary and I to school at quarter past 7. (to go)

4)      My parents work at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. (to finish)

5)      They new dresses for Mary in May. (to buy)

6)      You never meat. (to eat)

7)      I always home after school. (to walk)

8)      The students English from Mrs Harrison. (to learn)

9)      We a lot on Saturdays. (to dance)

10)      You your house for Christmas. (to decorate)

11)      Charlie and Mandy the table before lunch. (to set)




Task 2 – Write the correct forms of the verbs in the brackets in the boxes. You have to use 3rd person singular.

E.g.: She ……… to school. (to go) è goes


1)      Tim to Paris every month. (to fly)

2)      Sandra carefully on the lessons. (to listen)

3)      Molly her homework in the afternoons. (do)

4)      Britney often when she a romantic film. (to cry, to see)

5)      She her hair in the bathroom. (to brush)

6)      It a lot in England. (to rain)

7)      He never at me. (to laugh)

8)      Mrs Davis after lunch. (to wash up)

9)      Tigger jumping. (to like)

10)      Mum rarely the bus. (to miss)

11)      Ms Martin usually about the housework. (to worry)

12)      Bill his girlfriend. (to kiss)




Task 3 – Write the correct forms of the verbs in the brackets in the boxes.

1)      The students their books to school. (to bring)

2)      The pop group a lot. (to practise)

3)      His brother never the ball. (to catch)

4)      She we hungry. (to think; to be)

5)      We on Fridays. (to go out)

6)      The boys usually . (to fight)

7)      Mum  to cook something new on weekends. (to try)

8)      Brian and Frank every day. (to swim)

9)      I to tell you the truth. (to want)

10)      Her parents her up when she ill. (to call; to be)

11)      Dick always my homework. (to copy)


Created by Susan V. Toth