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Present Simple Tense * Affirmative sentences * Part 2 * 4 tasks

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Present Simple Tense

�Affirmative sentences - Part 2

Task 1 � Write the correct forms of the verbs in the boxes from this list.

�������� to bake

�������� to play

�������� to build

�������� to read

�������� to drink

�������� to wear

�������� to get up

�������� to work

�������� to know

�������� to write

1)����� I a letter to my grandma.

2)����� We milk for breakfast.

3)����� The teachers at school.

4)����� They football every Friday.

5)����� I a cake for Jake in September.

6)����� We your address.

7)����� The Lees at 6 o�clock.

8)����� The children a sandcastle in summer.

9)����� The women always beautiful skirts.

10)����� The pupils often books.

Task 2 � Write the correct forms of the verbs in the boxes from this list.

�������� to bark

�������� to fry

�������� to carry

�������� to have

�������� to collect

�������� to sleep

�������� to come

�������� to watch

�������� to eat

�������� to work

1)����� Mark by day because he at night.

2)����� Fred TV in the evenings.

3)����� Mr Thomson� dinner at 6 o�clock.

4)����� Winnie-the-Pooh always honey.

5)����� The dog when the postman .

6)����� The meat in the oven.

7)����� Peter huge boxes at his workplace.

8)����� Mr Brown stamps.

Task 3 � Write the correct forms of the verbs in the boxes from this list.

�������� to arrive

�������� to live

�������� to ask

�������� to open

�������� to begin

�������� to remember

�������� to blow

�������� to study

�������� to fix

�������� to win

1)����� The school at 8 o�clock.

2)����� I your birthday every year.

3)����� My class every competition.

4)����� Mr Sand cars, he is a mechanic.

5)����� We in New Hampshire.

6)����� The teacher the students on the lessons.

7)����� Fiona Spanish.

8)����� The wind often in autumn.

9)����� Father the window when he home.

Task 4 � Multiple choice. There are three different verbs given for each sentence. You have to choose the correct one, and then you have to write the correct form of this verb in the box. Look at the example.

e.g.: I ____ school at half past 7. (begin, start, finish) start

1)����� The clothes in the garden.

to wash

to fall

to dry

2)����� Tom to work every day.

to drive

to take

to jump

3)����� Mrs Brown the beds in the mornings.

to take

to make

to do

4)����� The leaves down in autumn.

to fly

to break

to fall

5)����� Mother in the kitchen.

to start

to cook

to lie

6)����� I never anyone your secret.

to give

to forget

to tell

7)����� We on holiday in July.

to go

to spend

to do

8)����� Tyler fast.

to hit

to run

to smile

9)����� Children chocolate.

to love

to make

to break

10)����� Barbara always to do her homework.

to answer

to do

to forget

Created by Susan V. Toth