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The spooky woods

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The spooky woods:

Find the correct form of the verbs (leave, tell, take, run and dig)

Find the correct word from the selection box:
Option 1: the intinitive
Option 2: the past tense
Option 3: the perfect tense

Yesterday when I home someone  me to the fastest way through the woods. I wasn’t quite sure about what to
do, because my grandfather had  me some spooky things about this place.
It was getting late and I hadn’t much time, so I just decided to as fast as possible, then nothing could happen! Unfortunately I
was wrong! In the middle of the path someone had  a big hole, and of course I didn’t see it and landed down at the bottom of
it. I  some small steps around in the hole, but wasn’t able to climb up again. “Why did anybody want to  a big hole in
the middle of nowhere”? I had  this way before without anything happening, but I have to  you now I was really scared!
Suddenly a creepy ghost came and asked me to  the woods. It looked like an old man with enormous beard. He had 
the hole when I jumped in. In a spooky voice he told me that he  the hole yesterday, because he wanted to catch small girls
who were on their own in the dark woods.
I jumped the highest I could and ran all the way home. Ever since I have  another way to school!