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Bribery (Author-Bouabdellah)

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PART ONE :Comprehension
Read  the  passage  carefully  then  do  the  activities
Shocked        Bribery is the act of promising, offering, or giving a professional or person of authority something of value (i.e. money, property, services, or favours) in order to break the rules or ethics in a given situation. Bribery is a type of corruption that can occur in a number of professional and political situations. Though any one in a place of power and authority may be subject to bribery, public and government officials, police officers, legal professionals, doctors, bankers, and other business professionals are those most likely to become the subjects of bribery.
Shocked        Bribery and similar illegal transactions in the political sphere alone cost the world an estimated one trillion dollars every year. Less prosperous nations those who export oil and certain other resources have been found to be particularly exposed to bribery and other corrupt activities, though even the wealthiest nations are not safe.
Shocked        Bribery can considerably weaken the rule of law when this form of corruption takes place in the judicial system. Judges, district lawyers and other legal professionals may receive bribery offers to provide a particular decision in the briber’s favour, drop or fail to press charges against a criminal or group of criminals, and similar activities. Bribery can take place in any professional industry or political practice. Bribery has significant legal consequences for those who are convicted of this offence.

(Adapted from” NEW YORK TIMES”, Nov2007)


Wink A – Interpreting :

Question 1.  Choose the answer (a, b and c) that best completes statements A, C and D.

A. The aim of the text is to: 

          (a) Argument about bribery 
          (b) Expose the issue of bribery.
          (c) Explain what bribery is.

B. The last paragraph gives an example about bribery:

          (a) in politic                   
          (b) in teaching     
          (c) in justice

C.  The text is:

          (a) a letter
          (b) a report
          (c) a newspaper article

Question 2.  Are the following statements true or false?

      A. Bribery is a kind of corruption.

      B. Anyone can be subjected to bribery.

      C. Bribery costs a huge amount of money in many other

                activities not only politics.

      D. The law can be reinforced when subjected to


Question 3. Choose the most suitable title for the reading passage.

          The Importance of bribery.
          The consequences of bribery.
          Bribery as a criminal act.

Question 4. Answer the following questions according to the text.

          A. What form can bribery have?
          B. Is bribery limited to the political and economical

WinkB – Exploring:

Question 5. Find in the text the words whose definitions follow.

  A. Business operations and deals: (§2)           

  B. Relating to the administration of justice:(§3)

 Question 6. Find the odd one out in each list of 4 items.

  A. Fake – Property – Counterfeit – Genuine    

        B. Honesty – Integrity – Legality – Immorality

Question  7. Combine the following sentences using the provided connectors:(make any necessary changes)

      A. Bribery is awful. It causes great harm to the economy.

          (because of) 

      B. Bribery can be overcome. But, everybody must be
          involved. (if)

 Question 8. Use the following words to complete the text below.







          Some people say that  should apply their own personal standards when doing business. They tell us that you need  to make money; that the world of business is a jungle; and that if we respect ethics, we can undermine the values of hard work and freedom. Let me tell you that I don’t agree with these  at all. I believe that such arguments are only excuses to escape the responsibility of these business companies.

 Question 9. Write the silent letter(s) in the following words inside the box:   A. Favours        B. Though