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Negative sentences Part 2

Ė Rewrite the negative sentences into affirmative.

e.g.: I donít go to school. I go to school.

1)††††† Tim doesnít copy music.

2)††††† The Smiths donít drink juice for dinner.

3)††††† My father doesnít wash the car.

4)††††† Dennis and I donít clean the windows.

5)††††† I donít want a new bicycle.

6)††††† Steve doesnít speak Arabic.

7)††††† They donít watch late night films.

8)††††† Lola doesnít miss the last bus.

9)††††† Grandma doesnít write a postcard to her family.

10)††††† You donít worry about your exam.

Ė Rewrite the sentences. Use the short forms. Look at the examples below.

e.g.: I donít start school at half past 7.† I never start school at half past 7.

e.g.: We donít often visit museums.† We rarely / seldom visit museums.

1)††††† John doesnít fly to London.

2)††††† The work rarely finishes at 4 oíclock.

3)††††† I never begin a new topic before holiday.

4)††††† Harry doesnít remember my name.

5)††††† We donít often walk to school.

6)††††† Sally never cuts my hair.

7)††††† Sam doesnít fix cars.

8)††††† My parents donít often dance.

9)††††† The wind never blows here.

10)††††† Leslie and you seldom break the window.

11)††††† You never notice angry dogs.

12)††††† Tim doesnít bake a cake for me.

13)††††† Martha rarely runs fast.

14)††††† Lottie doesnít often drive his car.

15)††††† I never eat meat.

16)††††† Hank rarely irons the clothes.

17)††††† Molly and Bob donít go to bed at 10.

18)††††† We donít often have lunch at 1.

19)††††† Cindy never rides a bike.

20)††††† Eve rarely catches a taxi.

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