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Present Simple Tense * Interrogative sentences * 3 tasks

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Interrogative sentences

� ��- Write the correct form of the verbs in the brackets on the lines. Then write an interrogative sentence. Look at the example below.

E.g.: They go to school. Do they go to school?

She visits her grandma. Does she visit her grandma?

1)����� John the car. (clean)

2)����� Viola her hair. (brush)

3)����� Mandy the lunch. (cook)

4)����� He . (cry)


5)����� Patty and Billy at the disco. (dance)

6)����� Dale next to the lake. (fish)


7)����� Tim up at 7. (get)

8)����� They� lunch at 1. (have)


9)����� Ms Dew the clothes. (iron)

10)����� You comics. (read)


��� � Rewrite the sentences into interrogative ones. Look at the examples of task 1.

1)����� April never dresses in her room.

2)����� They often play basketball.

3)����� Mum washes up in the evenings.

4)����� We enter the room.

5)����� Tiny seldom fetches the ball.

6)����� The disco finishes at 2 a.m.

7)����� Mother and father usually help me.

8)����� I clean my teeth twice a day.

9)����� The children always do their homework.

10)����� Ben misses the bus every morning.

��� - Change the following sentences into interrogative then give short answers according to the sign. Look at the examples. Be careful with �to be� and �have got�. (yes:�Thumbs Up ; no:�Thumbs Down)

They dance a lot. Thumbs Up Do they dance a lot? Yes, they do.

She swims fast. Thumbs Down Does she swim fast? No, she doesn�t.

1)����� I am a doctor. Thumbs Up

2)����� We have dinner at 6 o�clock. Thumbs Down
3)����� Father often buys some food. Thumbs Up
4)����� Mrs Canter always gives us a test. Thumbs Down
5)����� Sam wants an ice-cream. Thumbs Down
6)����� Henry sleeps in his bed. Thumbs Up
7)����� Tom and Mary catch a cold easily. Thumbs Up
8)����� Paul learns English. Thumbs Down
9)����� It costs $20. Thumbs Up
10)����� Tina makes the bed. Thumbs Down

Created by Susan V. Toth