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There´s an Alligator under my Bed

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There's an Alligator under my Bed     written and told by Mercer Mayer

                      Listen to the story

      Now listen to the story again and choose the correct words.

There used to be an alligator under my .

When it was time to go to sleep, I had to be very careful, because I knew he was .

But whenever I looked, he hid or , so I called Mom and Dad, "MOM! DAD! "

But they never saw it……….

It was up to me – I just had to do something about that alligator.

So I went to the  to get some alligator bait. I filled a paper bag full of things that alligators like to eat.
I put a  sandwich, some fruit, and the last piece of pie…. in the . I put  down the hall. I left fresh vegetables on the . I put a soda and some candy next to my  and then I watched and….. waited.

Sure enough, out he came, to get something to eat.

Then I hid . I followed him down the stairs. I followed him down the hall. When he crawled into the garage, I slammed the door and I locked it….

. There wasn't even any mess to clean up.

Now that there's an alligator in the garage, I wonder if my Dad will have any trouble getting in his car tomorrow morning. I'll just leave him a note.

                            DEAR DAD,

                        THERE'S AN ALLIGATOR IN THE GARAGE

                         IF YOU NEED MY HELP,