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10 Irregular Verbs: Mistake-Seek

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Irregular Verbs

Mistake - seek

Learn the following verbs for a test.
Present tense Past tense    (e.g. Yesterday, I .......) Participle       (e.g. I have ...........)
Fill in the correct tense of these verbs in the following texts.
  I  a great movie in the cinema last night. I went with a friend who  for our tickets as I had no money to spend. On the way out, a little girl came and asked me for my autograph, she  me for one of the actors in the film, I think I look a lot like him. This is not the first time I have been  for Brad Pitt ;)
 I like riding horses. Last week, I  my grandpa's horse almost every day. I have  horses since I was six years old. My sister doesn't like riding horses, she prefers to  her bike. But last year when she  her bike, she had an accident and ruined her bike. Since then, she hasn't  a bike although she  to buy a new one but couldn't find one cheap enough.
  The other day, I  a really great book about a man who  his fear of spiders. He  in his book that whenever he  a spider, he would scream like a girl and jump up on a table. But one day, a friend  a spider in a jar on his desk with the lid tightly shut. He spent the day looking at the spider and  it was quite harmless. He opened the lid and discovered that he was no longer afraid, he had  his phobia.
 The telephone  really early this morning and woke me up. The telephone has never  so early before.