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10 Irregular Verbs: Mistake-Seek

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Irregular Verbs

Mistake - seek

Learn the following verbs for a test.
Present tense Past tense��� (e.g. Yesterday, I .......) Participle������ (e.g. I have ...........)
Fill in the correct tense of these verbs in the following texts.
� I a great movie in the cinema last night. I went with a friend who �for our tickets as I had no money to spend. On the way out, a little girl came and asked me for my autograph, she �me for one of the actors in the film, I think I look a lot like him. This is not the first time I have been �for Brad Pitt ;)
I like riding horses. Last week, I �my grandpa's horse almost every day. I have �horses since I was six years old. My sister doesn't like riding horses, she prefers to �her bike. But last year when she �her bike, she had an accident and ruined her bike. Since then, she hasn't �a bike although she �to buy a new one but couldn't find one cheap enough.
The other day, I �a really great book about a man who �his fear of spiders. He �in his book that whenever he �a spider, he would scream like a girl and jump up on a table. But one day, a friend �a spider in a jar on his desk with the lid tightly shut. He spent the day looking at the spider and �it was quite harmless. He opened the lid and discovered that he was no longer afraid, he had �his phobia.
�The telephone �really early this morning and woke me up. The telephone has never �so early before.