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Present Continuous (beginners)

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Choose the right word matching the picture.  
  Choose the right form of the verb to be (is, am, are) and form present participle (+ing).
1.  I  (buy)   strawberries.
2.  He  (clean)  the room.
3.  She  (cook)   soup.
4.  He  (cut)  carrots.
5.  They  (drink)   milk.
6.  You  (drive)  a new car.
7.  He  (fish)  at the river.
8.  We  (go)  to work.
9.  She  (jump)  very fast.
10.  I  (look)   at you.
11.  They  (pick)  mushrooms.
12.  We  (rake)   in the garden.
13.  She  (read)  a magazine.
14.  You  (sleep)  on the sofa.
15.  He  (wash)  forks and knives.