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32 sentences Passive voice + simple Business vocabulary

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Write Passive Voice (Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple)
Present (tagadne):�������������������������� Past (pagaatne)������������������������������ Future (naakotne)��������
is� ] + 3 form����������������������������������� was] + 3 form���������������������������������� will be ] + 3 form
are] + 3 form����������������������������������� were] + 3 form
1.���� The problems �often �(cause) by wrong attitude.

2.��� The goods �(order) last week.
3.��� He �(promote) next month.
4.��� The money �(assign) every other week.
5.��� The new price �(offer) last week.
6.��� The price�(discuss) next meeting.
7.��� The model �(choose) last month.
8.��� A discount �(offer) if it is necessary.
9.��� The meeting �(organize) last week.
10. The collaboration �(establish) next year.
Write Passive Voice (Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple)
1.The approach �usually �(find) on time.
2. The profitable deal �(make) last month.
3. The profit �(calculate) regularly.
4. The loss �(reduce) next term.
5. The profit �(increase) last year.
6. The situation �(improve) in 2012.
7. The information �(provide) every Tuesday.
8. The strategy �(develop) last decade.
9. The goods �(deliver) next week.
10.The deal �(make) regularly.
Write Passive Voice (Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple)
1. The work �(organize) by the managers.
2.The meeting �(hold) last Wednesday.
3.The contract �(discuss) tomorrow.
4.The agreement �(reach) last week.
5.The goods �(sell) by the shop assistants.
6.The cheap goods �(deliver) last month.
7.The difficult situation �(discuss) yesterday.
8.The expensive equipment �(buy) next week.
9.The deal �(discuss) every other day.
10.The representative �(call) the day before yesterday.
11. The customers �(meet) tomorrow.
12.Good advise �(give) to her tomorrow.