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30 sentences Present, Past, Future Simple + Business Vocabulary

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Present Simple/ Past Simple/ Future Simple?

1.    it cause problems yesterday?

2.    you order goods every month?

3.    you promote this project next month?

4.    they assign necessary funds last week?

5.    you cause so much trouble every day?

6.    she always order so expensive goods?

7.    they promote this useless project last time?

8.    he assign such big amount of money to every team?

9.    you deal with many people at your work?

10  she get in touch with him yesterday?


Present Simple/ Past Simple/ Future Simple?


1.                 he call you every day?
2.                 you meet him last time when he was here?
3.                 she advise me if I call her tomorrow?
4.                 you often deal with him?
5.                 she get in touch with us tomorrow?
6.                 he often offer discounts?
7.                 they reduce price every month?
8.                 they increase the price last month?
9.                 she improve situation if it is necessary?
10.            you provide all necessary information to me tomorrow?

Present Simple/ Past Simple/ Future Simple?
1.                 he develop the project in time last week?
2.                 they always deliver the goods on time?
3.                 she always organize such perfect parties?
4.                 we discuss the collaboration next time?
5.                 you always agree with him?
6.                 he really need all these goods?
7.                 you call me tomorrow?
8.                 it always cause so many troubles?
9.                 you always order goods on Mondays?
10.            she promote the sales of goods regularly?