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Part 3

Some grammar revision: First fill in the chart with the suitable information.

Question words

Question word

When to use


�� ��Ask questions about the underlined words.

1) I am Mary Kate.

2) There is some milk in the fridge.

3) They are books.

4) I am here.

5) My mug is blue.

6) Loretta is at school today.

7) She is 32 years old.

8) Chris is from the USA.

9) These are 20 boxes.

10) Leslie�s sister is young.

�� Ask questions about the underlined words.

1) I have got forty books.

2) You have got a car.

3) We have got a goldfish at home.

4) Milo has got P.E. lessons three times a week.

5) Terri has got a cat.

6) We have got lots of homework.

7) The dog has got a red ball.

8) We have got History on Friday.

9) Mary�s brother has got a mug.

10) Billy has got a cake because it�s his birthday today.

�� Ask questions about the underlined words.

1) Mary has got thirty-six pens.

2) The child is hungry.

3) Mr Knight has got a DVD player.

4) My books are in the bag.

5) My parents have got a big house.

6) Your eyes are brown.

7)�Mary has got a swing in the garden.

8) Her sister has got birthday today.

9) Jane and Kate are in the bathroom now.

10) Robert has got a lot of chocolate.

�� Ask questions about the underlined words.

1) I am eleven years old.

2) Paul and Tom have got football trainings four times a week.

3) There is a lot of chocolate here.

4) The children have got a brown dog.

5) We are from Hungary.

6) Our grandparents have got a horse.

7) This is a ball.

8) Those are fourteen balloons.

9) We have got two dogs because we have a big garden.

10) Your friends are boys.


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