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Part 3


 Some grammar revision: First fill in the chart with the suitable information.

Question words


Question word

When to use


































      Ask questions about the underlined words.

1) I am Mary Kate.


2) There is some milk in the fridge.

3) They are books.


4) I am here.


5) My mug is blue.

6) Loretta is at school today.


7) She is 32 years old.


8) Chris is from the USA.


9) These are 20 boxes.

10) Leslie’s sister is young.




       Ask questions about the underlined words.

1) I have got forty books.


2) You have got a car.


3) We have got a goldfish at home.


4) Milo has got P.E. lessons three times a week.


5) Terri has got a cat.


6) We have got lots of homework.


7) The dog has got a red ball.


8) We have got History on Friday.


9) Mary’s brother has got a mug.


10) Billy has got a cake because it’s his birthday today.



      Ask questions about the underlined words.

1) Mary has got thirty-six pens.


2) The child is hungry.


3) Mr Knight has got a DVD player.


4) My books are in the bag.


5) My parents have got a big house.


6) Your eyes are brown.


7) Mary has got a swing in the garden.


8) Her sister has got birthday today.


9) Jane and Kate are in the bathroom now.


10) Robert has got a lot of chocolate.



     Ask questions about the underlined words.

1) I am eleven years old.



2) Paul and Tom have got football trainings four times a week.



3) There is a lot of chocolate here.



4) The children have got a brown dog.



5) We are from Hungary.



6) Our grandparents have got a horse.



7) This is a ball.



8) Those are fourteen balloons.



9) We have got two dogs because we have a big garden.



10) Your friends are boys.






 Created by Susan V. Toth