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The little ghost - irregular verbs

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The little ghost:

Find the correct form of the verbs (tell, bring, see, find and hear)

Find the correct word from the selection box:

Option 1: The infinitive

Option 2: The past tense

Option 3: The perfect tense (have/has or had)


Now I would like to   you a story which somebody  me some years ago.

Every night the youngest child his teddy bear to his bedroom. He always fell asleep whit it in his arms. Every night when his mother went upstairs to  him before she went to bed, she  the teddy bear under the chair in the corridor.  The same thing happened every night. Nobody had  or anything. The mother wanted to  out what was going on! She just had to  a magazine and a blanket and stay in the corridor the entire night. She was prepared for a long night without any sleep. Her husband had  her a nice cup of coffee, just to make sure she would stay awake.

She was a bit worried about how she would react if she suddenly  or something scary! Her husband had  her to wake him up if she needed him.

Around midnight she suddenly  a sound. She expected to   a scary ghost. She got relieved when she discovered her little son sleepwalking.

She had now  out who the scary ghost was!