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The coyote´s diet

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The coyote's diet

countable = "1 chair/ 2 chairs"

                                                  uncountable = "1 milk/ 2 milks" (impossible)
  • Countable or uncountable nouns?

pizza:             countable                          uncountable

vegetable:      countable                          uncountable
reptile:           countable                          uncountable
meat:             countable                          uncountable
fish:               countable                          uncountable
fruit:              countable                          uncountable

  • Look at the pie chart and complete:
How much meat does a coyote eat? It eats  meat.
How many vegetables does a coyote eat? It eats  vegetables.
How much fruit does a coyote eat? It eats  fruit.
How many pizzas does a coyote eat? It eats  pizza.
How much fish does a coyote eat? It eats  fish.
How many reptiles does a coyote eat? It eats  reptiles.
  • Complete with the appropriate quantifier:
The coyote eats  different things: it eats animal meat but it eats  vegetables.
The coyote also eats  fish and also  berries.
Finally, it eats  reptiles.
Of course, the coyote eats  pizza!
  • Put the sentences in the right order:

many/ does/ coyote/ a /eat/ how/ carrots/ ?

eats/ reptiles/ it/ some/ no/ and / pizza.


  • Complete:

How much meat does a coyote eat?         HOW MUCH +  + auxiliary+ noun + verb?

How many reptiles does a coyote eat?      HOW MANY +  + auxiliary+ noun + verb?