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Busy May

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                                       Busy May

This is May.

May lives in England.
She is eight years old.
She has got blonde hair.
She has got blue eyes.
Her favourite food is burger.
Her favourite animal is koala.
Her favourite colour is blue.
I. Read and answer.
1.What is the girl's name?
2. Where does she live?
II. Look and choose.
1. How old is May?
2. What colour is May's hair?
3. What colour are May's eyes?
4.What is May's favourite food?
5. What is May's favourite animal?
6.What is May's favourite colour?
Mary is a very busy girl.
A typical day is like this:
She gets up at six o'clock every morning and she has breakfast at 6:30. She has a bath, then she goes to school at seven o'clock.
III. Read and choose the correct answer.
1. What time does May get up?
2. What time does she have breakfast?
She is a very intelligent girl. What is her favourite subject? English!!! She likes English but she doesn't like Maths.
IV. Read, look and choose .
1. Does May like English?
               Thumbs Up                 Thumbs Down
2. Does she like Maths?
               Thumbs Up                 Thumbs Down
In the afternoon, she eats her lunch at twelve o'clock, then she does her homework at two o'clock and she has guitar lessons at four.
V. Read and complete.
1. She    her lunch at twelve o'clock.
2. She    her homework at     o'clock.
In the evening, she plays Wii, she watches TV or she goes to her friend Lucy's house.
May goes to bed at nine o'clock at night.
1. What time does May go to bed?