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Let's learn new vocabulary:)
       do the dishes                cook                           iron the laundry    work in the garden
      walk the dog                   vacuum                          mop the floor          sweep the floor
          dust                             do the laundry                wash the dog         feed the dog
          cut the grass               water the grass              rake the leaves       clean up the closet
         take out the trash         wash the window         fold the laundry
Choose the word matching each picture.
Read the sentences. Translate them and then  tick the right word. What can you do with these objects and appliances?
This is a broom. I can:                     This is a vacuum-cleaner. I can:             This is a duster. I can:                                                                                           
water the grass                            clean up the closet                           dust
sweep the floor                             do the laundry                                 work in the garden
clean up the closet                        vacuum                                           cut the grass
This is a lawn mower. I can:           This is an iron. I can:                              This is a spade. I can:
cut the grass                             do the dishes                                     work in the garden
take out the trash                       iron the laundry                                 cut the grass
fold the laundry                        wash the window                                walk the dog
This is a dishwasher. I can:              This is a washing machine. I can:              This is a laundry basket. I can:
do the dishes                                take out the trash                                fold the laundry
wash the dog                                fold the laundry                                   cook
do the laundry                               do the laundry                                    water the grass
This is a waste bin. I can:                     This is a cooker. I can:
 walk the dog                                  dust
rake the leaves                                cook
 take out the trash                          mop the floor