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SOME DOGS DO by Jez Alborough

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SOME  DOGS  DO written by Jez Alborough 
When Sid set off for school one day, a happy feeling came his .
It filled him up so much he found, his paws just lifted off the .
Without a how, without a why, Sid fell up towards the .
Through swirling puffs of cloud he twirled, above a tiny toy town .
In the land of sun and moon, like a doggy shaped .
At school Sid asked his best friend Ben, "Did you see me fly just ?"
"Don't be daft," came Ben's reply. "You're a dog and dogs don't ."
"But I did!" said Sid "I did, I did!"
In the classroom Sid said "Hey, guess what! I flew to school today."
His classmates giggled, yelped and yowled, "Dogs don't fly to school they ." 
"But I did!" said Sid "I did!"
Miss Mare, the teacher shook her head, "Now Sid, you shouldn't lie" she .
"All dogs walk and jump and run, but dogs don't fly, it can't be ."
"But I did!" said Sid 
Gus said " Right, if you can fly, come outside let's see you ."
Sid's happiness had gone by  - he tried to get it back again.
He thought about the clouds up high and then he jumped towards the .
A-lomp! "You see you're just a dog" said Gus. "With paws for walking just like .
That will teach you not to . Now you know that dogs don't fly!"
When Sid walked home from school that day it seemed along and lonely .
But once at home with Mom and Dad deep inside he still felt .
He did the things he always did, but something wasn't right with Sid.
His Dad came out and asked "What's up? You seem unhappy little ."
Sid sat staring at the sky, and all he said was "Dogs don't !"
Sid's Dad slowly raised his , "I know a secret Sid," he said.
"Could you keep it safe inside?" "What's the secret?" Sid .
He turned around and then he KNEW! Now you know the secret too!
Sid's  happy eyes were open , "I knew it - dogs do fly!" he cried.
Sid's Dad said, "Come fly then Sid!" and that's exactly what Sid did.
Do dogs fly? Is it true? Some dogs don't but some dogs do........!