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Business Vocabulary

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Banking and business vocabulary. 4 pages + Key included (Editable)
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 Business English
A - Choose the best alternative to complete each sentence.
1. Often a discount is offered as an  to get a customer to pay promptly.
2. Remember that was only an  . The final cost could be higher.
3. Check the  note and see that you've got everything.
4. When ordering, please quote the  .
5. Every month account customers are sent a  .
6. In the UK, VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax on goods and  .
7. We have undercharged her by mistake, so we'll send her a  note for the amount.
8. It's better to start exporting on a small  and then expand if things go well.
9. The person the goods are sold to is called a  .
10. If you take the sweater back to the shop they'll want to see the  to show you bought it there.
11. The task of the public relations department is to project the right
12. We have to hilight our strengths and  any weaknesses.
13. It's essential to  the invoice number in any correspondence.
14. The  of the invoice goes to the customer, another copy goes to Sales, and we keep the other in Accounts.
15. Before you get the job you need a  examination.
B - Answer the questions and tick the right options.
1. Which of the following words relate to BANKING?
cash machine     interest     Human Resources     withdraw     duty
2. Which of the folloing are used for transporting goods?
account     truck     delivery     van     pick up
3. Which of the following are commercial documents?
loan     purchase order     invoice     amount     credit note
4. Which of these items are found in invoices?
customer     list of clients     unit price     number of document     inventory
5. If you have money, you...
take out     spend     postpone     pay     read
6. Which of the following are related to GOODS?
statement     balance     freight     cargo     container