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The little blue engine

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    The Little Blue Engine
 1. Read the story and tick the correct answer .                                                       
          There are a lot of good children who live in a town.
They like to play with toys very much.
                                                     The children from the town are good.         
                                      They love toys.                                                                                 
One day the workers from the toy factory put a lot of toys on a train. They want to make the children in the town very happy.                     
                                                          The workers want to do something very good for the children.  
                                 The workers are on the train.                                                                                                            
                A strong, shiny engine is going to pull the train to the town.
There are cars, clowns, dolls,drums, teddy bears, balls, and many other toys on the train.
                                                   The workers are going to pull the train.    
                             The train is going to go to the seaside.     
The train goes over a hill. The engine pulls and pulls, but nothing happens. It keeps saying "I can't, I can't, I can't. " Finally, the train stops.                  
                                                                The engine stops.                    
                                     The train can't go over the hill.    
       "This engine cannot pull any more," says one of the clowns. "It is too tired. Let's ask some other engine to help us get to the town. Here's a big black engine. Let's ask her!"
                                                   The train needs help.                     
                                          The train can get to the town easily.   
-"Hello, can you pull our train to the town, please? There are many good children who want to play with these beautiful toys. Please help us!"
-"Me? To pull someone like you? You must be kidding! I am an important engine! I don't pull unimportant things!"
                                                                  The black engine wants to help.   
                                      Children need toys to play.        
        -"But we are very, very important. The children from the town like us very much! Who can help us?"
-" I think I can," says a little blue engine. "Let's try."
She pulls and pulls and the train slowly moves. The little blue engine is happy and she keeps saying- " I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..." on her way to the town.
                                                             The little blue engine wants to help.          
                                   The children are going to get their toys.     
Choose the right question word.
        1.  lives in a town?............................. A lot of good children.
        2.  do they like?................................ To play with toys.
        3.  do the workers put on the train? ........ A lot of toys.
        4.  is there on the train? ..................... Cars, clowns, teddy bears and many other toys.
        5.  do the children live? ...................... In the town.
        6.  does the train stop? ...................... Because the engine is very tired.
        7.  does the black engine want to help? ...... No, it doesn't. 
           8.  wants to help? ............................. A little blue engine.
        9.  does she keep saying? ..................... I think I can.
       10. is going to be very happy? .................The children.
    Now look at the text and pictures and tell the story.
One  the workers from the toy  
put a lot of  on a . They want to make the  from the  very Tongue. A ,   is going to  the  to the .
 There are ,,,,, and many other  on the .
The  goes over a . The
 keeps saying:" I can't, I can't." Finally, the  .The  is too .
Let's  someone else. Here's a , .
_"Hello, can you  our  to the ,
-"Me? You must be ! I am an  !
 I X  unimportant things!
_" ? can  us?"
-" I  I can," says a  .
 And the   moves to the .
Simplified from the story "The Little Engine That Could"
by Watty Piper
                                                                                                                      Created by teacher Mira,
                                                                                                                      Good luck