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Describing people

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�������������������������� DESCRIBING PEOPLE���������������������������
I) Before you listen, check the vocabulary below:
snub nose: short nose����������������������������� either: "too" in negative sentences������������������ baggy: loose
match: go well��������������������������������������� awfully: very talkative����������������������������������� shy: timid
rather: very������������������������������������������tiny: small������������������������������������������������������ warm-hearted: gentle and considerate
to wear a bob: to wear short hair�����������fancy: sophisticated, pretty����������������������������� stocky: chubby, plump
She's also fond of: she also likes ...�������� toddler: small child������������������������������������������suit: formal clothes: jacket and trousers
trendy: fashionable�������������������������������cheerful: happy������������������������������������������������amusing: fun and interesting
suppose: think���������������������������������������chap: boy�������������������������������������������������������� slender: tall and elegant
was: past of "is"�����������������������������������had: past of "have"
II) Now listen and choose the word they say from the options below:
I'd like to tell you about some members of my family. This is my �� Helen. She's young, slim and . She's got red, �hair, a pretty snub nose and �cheeks. Her eyes are green which I think match her rather well. She likes to dress casually, and most of the time she just �jeans and a jumper.
This here is a picture of Auntie Mable. She is short and somewhat �. She's very elegant, though. Her straight, �hair is cut short and she always wears a bob. She's also fond of �which is not terribly trendy these days. But I suppose you don't always have to look �to look good. I have no idea how old she is, but I'm guessing she would say �, which normally means the person doesn't want to be called old , but they're not young any more either.
Auntie Mable is awfully chatty. Sometimes I think she never stops . Auntie Mable also loves her tiny dog, who could easily fit in her fancy handbags.
This is my �Julia, and her little brother, Jake. Julia is a toddler and Jake is only a tiny baby. They're both cheerful little kids - always smiley and . Julia has �brown hair which she doesn't like to comb. And Jake has hardly any hair at all. Julia has a pretty little button nose with some very sweet �around it. And Jake is a �-faced little chap. They are both rather determined. They always know exactly what they want.
This is my , George. He is taller-than-average, and so he is a bit clumsy. He often bumps his �on doorways and keeps knocking things over because of his long arms. He is also a bit , so most of the time he wears comfortable baggy clothes. He says he'd like to lose �, so he goes running every day with his dog. Because he is rather large and�he �glasses too, he is normally very shy. He doesn't talk to people much�and doesn't have many friends either. I still like him a lot because he is �and warm-hearted.
This is my uncle, John. He is probably the most �character in my family. These days he is stocky and �, but when he was younger he was �and had thick dark hair. He was awfully �. Now that he hasn't got any hair, he always wears a hat and he's also grown a . He normally wears a suit and you will never see him without his briefcase. Uncle John is very �and can talk to anyone about anything. He has some of the most amusing stories I've ever heard.
And finally this is my aunt, Lola. As you can see, she's rather extravagant. These days she's a bit �, but when she was young she was a real . Although she was never tall, she was slender with long, black, shiny hair and blue eyes. Her hair is not long anymore and she's turning a little . On the whole, she's now quite round, but I think her build suits her personality. She's �and energetic, and never seems to worry. In this picture she's wearing her favourite hat and a rather classy . One has to look elegant even if only going to the market, she told me.
See you next time!
III) Watch the video and check if your answers were right:
IV)� Look at the pictures below and finish writing the descriptions:

Number 14 is �and has �hair.
Number 15 is �and has �hair. She wears a �.
Number 16 is . She has �. She has �.
Number 8 has �straight brown hair and he �a tie.
Number 9 wears a �blouse and earrings. She has reddish �and she �wear glasses.
Number 10 has short curly �hair and she wears �.

Number 17 is , number 18 is � and number 19 is �.