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Modal verbs Deduction and probability

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1- Complete the following sentences with CAN'T, MUST, MIGHT

���� 1) I can hear some music coming from that window. He be at home.

����� 2) Mark told me Sarah was working late today, so she be home right now.

����� 3) Harry doesn't answer the phone. He be in the movies.

����� 4) Ring! Ring! That be mom; she said she'd call me back in a minute.

����� 5) I have left my keys in the car...or maybe at John's.

����� 6) Sue is late for class. She have missed the bus.

����� 7) That DVD cost more that 15�; it's an old movie!

����� 8) Christina has already been three times to that new pizza restaurant. It be really good.

����� 9) Robert always gets straight A's. His parents be really proud of him.

��� 10) Her new boyfriend is absolutely gorgeous. He be a model.

��� 11) A: What's that deafening noise out there?
��������� B: My downstairs neighbors be having another barbecue. It's the fifth one this month!

��� 12) A: Have you called Sam?
��������� B: yeah, but he have already left, because nobody answered the phone.

��� 13) A. How much further do we have to go?
��������� B: Not much. Her house be very far from here.

��� 14) Lisa failed her driving test, so she be in a good mood right now.

��� 15) George wasn't promoted as he had expected, so he be totally disappointed with himself.

��� 16) He and his sister come with us if their parents give them permission.

��� 17) Your son is such a gifted student! He be chosen Valedictorian of his year.

��� 18) He be from France, he doesn't speak a word of French!

��� 19) mmmm...It smells delicious! My father be cooking!

��� 20) I go to the party, but I'm not completely sure; I've got so many things to do this weekend!