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2 exercises simple grammar + BUSINESS vocabulary

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 Write the story in Past Simple
The situation on the market (be)  difficult. People (need)  cheap goods. It (be)  difficult to sell expensive goods.

We (want)  to buy cheap goods from our partners. We (want)  to get profit. Our partners (offer)  us a good discount. In fact they even (reduce)  the price. We (organize)  a meeting. At the meeting we (discuss)  the collaboration. They (offer)  a good approach. We (agree) . The price (be)  small and the delivery (be)  cheap. It (be)  a very profitable deal.

 Now write the sentences in Present Continuous, Present Simple and Past Simple


1.   Now they  (offer) a good deal.        

2.   They  (reduce) the price last week.        

3.   We  (discuss) the model right now.        

4.   We  (not/offer) a discount, we  (offer) to reduce the price last week.         

5.   We  (offer) to organize the meeting last week.

6.   We  (not/discuss) collaboration every month.   

7.   He  (show) a new approach how to increase the profit now.

8.   They  (not/reduce) the price every month.

9.   We  (increase) the price by 5% last week.

10.                They  (improve) their positions on the market last year.

11.                I always  (provide) all necessary information.

12.                We  (not/develop) useless projects.

13.                I  (deal) with these people now.

14.                She  (organize) many presentations.

15.                We  (discuss) the meeting last time.

16.                They always  (discuss) everything before they  (do) it.

17.                I  (not/agree) to this approach.

18.                They always  (deliver) goods on Friday.

19.                We never  (buy) cheap goods.

20.                We  (speak) about difficult things now.

21.                I  (not/need) your help.

22.                We  (deliver) only expensive goods.