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2 exercises simple grammar + BUSINESS vocabulary

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Write the story in Past Simple
The situation on the market (be) �difficult. People (need) �cheap goods.�It (be) �difficult to sell expensive goods.

We (want) �to buy cheap goods from our partners. We (want) �to get profit. Our partners (offer) �us a good discount. In fact they even (reduce) �the price. We (organize) �a meeting. At the meeting we (discuss) �the collaboration. They (offer) �a good approach. We (agree) . The price (be) �small and the delivery (be) �cheap. It (be) �a very profitable deal.

Now write the sentences in Present Continuous,Present Simple and Past Simple

1.�� Now they �(offer) a good deal.��������

2.�� They �(reduce) the price last week.��������

3.�� We �(discuss) the model right now.��������

4.�� We �(not/offer) a discount, we �(offer) to reduce the price last week. ��������

5.�� We �(offer) to organize the meeting last week.

6.�� We �(not/discuss) collaboration every month.���

7.�� He �(show) a new approach how to increase the profit now.

8.�� They �(not/reduce) the price every month.

9.�� We �(increase) the price by 5% last week.

10.��������������� They �(improve) their positions on the market last year.

11.��������������� I always �(provide) all necessary information.

12.��������������� We �(not/develop) useless projects.

13.��������������� I �(deal) with these people now.

14.��������������� She �(organize) many presentations.

15.��������������� We �(discuss) the meeting last time.

16.��������������� They always �(discuss) everything before they �(do) it.

17.��������������� I �(not/agree) to this approach.

18.��������������� They always �(deliver) goods on Friday.

19.��������������� We never �(buy) cheap goods.

20.��������������� We �(speak) about difficult things now.

21.��������������� I �(not/need) your help.

22.��������������� We �(deliver) only expensive goods.