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Questions. Simple Questions(Yes-No Questions) and Special Questions.

Simple Questions-the questions we can answer yes or no. It begins with auxiliary verb(do, does, did, will etc.)

For example:

Did you wash your hands? Yes

Are you tired? No

Do you like jazz? Yes, I like it

Special Questions- the questions requiring answer in details. It can be answered just yes or no. It begins with interrogative pronoun( who, what, when, why, where, which, how)

Where does he live? He lives in a big house in Ashgabad.

How old are you? I am seventeen.

Who is she? She’s my mom.

Why are you crying? I got hurt my knee.

When is your birthday? In January

What do you do? I am a teacher

Do you like oranges? Yes, I like them very much

Where are you from? We are from Turkmenistan

Do you speak English? No, they don’t.

Are you busy? Yes, a little bit.

What color do they like? They like green color

Which car is yours? This in the middle.

Do, Does, Is or Are?                    

 you married? No, we are not married.    
  John like tennis?Yes, he plays every day.

  she work in hospital? No, she works in hotel.

 they happy? Yes, they are very happy.

 he lazy?No , he is not lazy

 you watch horror films? No, I don’t like it.

Put the missing interrogative pronoun into the blank.(who, what, where, why, when, how)

  is John? In the living room

 do you like drinking?  I like drinking soda  
 is that girl?  She is my  sister.      
is her nationality? She is Turkmen
 do you leave home? At 6 o’clock in the morning  
 old is your brother? He is 29 years old.
 does he do? He is a doctor.