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Past simple tense

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Past Simple Tense worksheet preview
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Past simple. Regular verbs. worksheet preview
Past simple. Regular verbs.

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Past Simple with regular verbs.

Based on Surprise 6 Unit 4 (Oxford Univ Press).
We turn a sentence into Past Simple adding -ed at the end of the verb in infinitive.
For example:
Present Past
Walk Walked
Like Liked
I walk home I walked home
For writing a negative sentence in past, we use the auxiliary in past tense.
Present Past
don't / doesn't didn't
You don't like it. You didn't like it
She doesn't talk She didn't talk
Notice that in negative sentences in past simple, when using didn't, we don't need to ad the ED at the end of the verb:
We didn't watched TV. -> We didn't watch TV.
For writing an interrogative sentence in past simple, we also use the auxiliary in past tense.
Present Past
Do / Does Did
Do you like it? Did you like it?
Does she use the computer? Did she use the computer?
Notice that in interrogative sentences in past simple, when using Did, we don't need to ad the ED at the end of the verb:
Did you walked home?  - > Did you walk home?
This rule aplies for the REGULAR verbs. Some other verbs (not many) are irregular and they turn into past in a different irregular way, without a clear rule to be followed.
1. Turn these verbs into past.
Watch  Play  Talk  Listen  Use  Escape  Finish
2. Complete the sentences with past simple tense.
I  home late, yesterday.
She  to play guitar when she was younger.
We  walk home on Monday.
 he like apples? Yes, he did, but not anymore.
Did she  her homework this morning? No, she
3. Turn these sentences into Past Simple tense.
I love fruits
Do you watch TV?
I don't walk home anymore
Does she use the computer?
No, she doesn't
4. Complete the text.  You can use Present or Past Simple.
Last year, I  the last Harry Potter film. I  it a lot. Now there is a new film that I  better.
By Jose A. Muńoz





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