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Passive Voice: Present, Past, Future, Modals

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Passive Voice

A. Write in the correct form of the verbs in the passive voice (present or past simple).
���� 1. In the USA, obesity� (consider) a serious health problem.
���� 2. Many years ago, fried fish� (make) popular in the UK by the Portuguese.
���� 3. Nowadays, children� (teach) to eat healthily at school.
���� 4. Tomatoes� once� (think) to be poisonous by the Italians.
���� 5. fast food� (sell) in Portuguese schools?
���� 6. Bananas� only� (bring) to the British markets in the 20th century.
���� 7. Smoking� (not/ allow) in public facilities.
���� 8. Last year, more than �3 billion� (spend) in Indian restaurants in England.
���� 9.�Before Columbus got to America,�potatoes� (not/ grow) in Europe.
���� 10. orange juice still� (deliver) in the UK?
B. Complete the sentences with the passive voice of the verbs using modals.
���� 1. Patricia� (might / choose) to represent our school in Junior Parliament.
���� 2. Many animal species� (could / save) if humans weren't so selfish.
���� 3. New galaxies� (will / find) by new scientific instruments.
���� 4.�Sugary�food� (should / not / eat) by very young children.
���� 5. Obesity� (can / cure), but diets� (must / not / disrespect).
���� 6. Spanish� (will / teach) in our school next year?
���� 7. eating disorders� (can / cause) by depression?
���� 8. fat� (should / abolish) from our diets?