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Everyday activities exercises

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I. Part. Look at the following pictures below and write the name that corresponds to each name.
make the bed / take a shower / brush my teeth /  make the bed / clean the house  / do the laundry
II. Part Complete the following statements by writing the simple present tense. Add "s", "es", "ies" depending on each case.
1. Mr. Guzmán  to school every morning.
2. She  in the afternoon.
3. Cris and her mother  the dishes.
4. Mr and Mrs. Smith  the their dog.
5. My aunt  at the office every week.
III. Part. Choose the alternative that best answers each sentence correctly.
1. She  my homework.
2. Luis  basketball.
3. He and she  in the same place.
4. María  a bath at night.
5. Warner  pizza.
6. They  a letter.
7. Fernando  to work.
8. Oldemar  a motorcycle.
9. Ross  French.
10. Magda  my car.
IV. Part. Rewrite the following statements in the correct order.
a) swim / doesn't / Martha.
b) use / Abigail / the computer.
c) José / every day / ride his bike.
d) buy / usually / Cris and Mike / new tv shows
e) never /My mother / walk the dogs.
f) eat pizza / Carlos / sometimes /
g) the guitar/ Deiber / play /almost always /
h) rarely /David / study.
i) Constantly/ Kimbly / wash my car /  
j) have / Gerard/ two black cars. 
V. Look at the following word search the Daily Routines.