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Past tense simple

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1. Fill in with WAS or WERE. Then turn the sentences into the negative and the interrogative:

1. ��Whereyou last Sunday?

2.��������������� Jack at school this morning?

3. ��Susan at work last week.

4.����your grandparents French?

5. ��I� in Italy.

2. Put the words in the correct order.

1. morning?atyou��� this�� were ��work

2. was ��I ���in ��London ��yesterday

3. lastwere ���night��� they ���in ���restaurant ���a

4. Where��� your ���was�� mother born?

5. a teacher ���my��� grandmother ���was

6. I ���born ��Parisin ���was

3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Tense Simple:

1.������ Paul (drink) a pint of beer last night.

2.������ Diana (play)the piano last night.

3.������ Daniel and his companions (walk) through the forest yesterday.

4.������ Mother (prepare)a marvellous dinner last night.

5.������ His brother (hurry)to catch the last train for Cardiff.

6.������ Tony (speak) to his grandfather after supper.

7.������ Shakespeare (write) both comedies and tragedies.

8.������ The Second World War (begin)� in 1939.

9.������ Julie (buy)� jam and sugar at the grocer�s yesterday.

10.�� They (grow)� carrots and cabbages in their garden last year.

11.�� The couple of artists (leave) Canada two tears ago.

12.�� Tom (lose) all his money at the casino last night.

13.�� Susie (wake up)� late yesterday morning.

14.�� They (light) the fire in the dinning- room last night.

15.�� Two days ago they (cycle) from London to Liverpool.

16.�� She (buy) a new pair of shoes yesterday.

17.�� The Browns (meet)their friends at the cinema yesterday.

4. Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use the Simple Past. Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions.

1) I my Maths homework yesterday. (to do) 2) Susan to England by plane? (to go) 3) They a farm twoo weeks ago. (to visit) 4) Jenny and Peggy their brother. (not/to help) 5) The children at home last weekend. (not/to be) 6) When you this wonderful skirt? (to design) 7) My mother into the van. (not/to crash)
8) The boys the mudguards of their bicycles. (to take off) 9) you your aunt last week? (to phone)
10) He milk at school. (not/to drink)