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present, future and present continuous tense

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Which Tense?

Present, Present continous or future.

Look at these sentences and fill in the right form of the following verbs:                                                  .
a) He  English  at the local college on Tuesdays. ( To teach )
b) The men in the village ( To build)  a new Scout hut, they ( To think ) that it  ( to be ) finished for the summer.
c) We  ( To know ) that our neighbour   ( To hate ) cats, but if he  ( To try ) to hurt our cat, we  ( To move ).
d) What a great afternoon! All the children   ( To be ) busy. Charles  ( To do ) his homework,  Alice   ( To play ) tennis and Ben  ( To read)
e)  This week,we ( To find out ) who has won the drawing competition.
f) What does he  ( To do ) on Sundays? He   ( To go ) to church, he  ( To make ) dinner and he  ( To visit ) his mother.
g) You  ( To have ) to close your shop, if you  ( To make negative ) any money.
i) Everybody  ( to need ) love .
j) Are you  ( to watch ) the TV?
k) The room  ( To be ) full of old books,