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Bears like honey but not bees

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Bruce is a big bear that lives in the forest. He�has got�dark brown hair�and�four large paws, a big nose, and brown eyes. Bruce�sleeps most of his time in his cave, and he goes out only when he is hungry. He is a very lazy bear. He doesn�t like to work but he likes sleeping.

Today it is a rainy day. And when it is raining he is very, very hungry so he stands up and stretches; and he goes to the enter of the cave. He looks at the rain and goes out. Then he walks�and soon his hair is wet. So he�s very, very cold.

Bruce goes to the pine trees and he covers himself with the branches. He looks for some food on the ground. He wants to find some nuts or berries to eat.

Read the story and write 1, 2 or 3 words answer.
e.g. Bruce, _the big bear_ lives in the forest.
1. He likes sleeping most .
2. It's raining .
3. When it rains, he .
4. He is cold because �wet.
5. He wants to eat .

After some time he sees something hanging from a tree. He moves and looks carefully. It is a beehive . Lots of bees are flying around it. Bruce can listen to the buzzing sounds. �Honey� he says smiling. �I love honey.�

Bruce, the bear stands under the beehive. He wants to get the honey. He picks up a big stick and starts hitting the beehive with it.

The bees get confused and very, very angry. So they start to fly around. When they see Bruce hitting the beehive they fly very fast and follow Bruce through the forest. Bruce runs as fast as he can but the bees fly very, very fast behind him. All the bees want to sting Bruce.
Write: a, e, i, o, u to complete then write the correct past form.
got��� listened�����said���� ran���� moved���� stood���� loved����wanted
e.g. see����������saw����������� 1. mov������� ������������� 2. lten������������
3. sy�������� ���������4. lve��������� ������������� 5. stnd up��������up
6. wnt��� ����������7. gt���������� ��������������� 8. rn���������������
True or false. Click on the right answer.
����������������������������������������������������������������� True������ False
1. Bruce sees a house hanging from a tree.�������������������������� �
2. Two bees are flying around the beehive.�����������������������������
3. Bruce loves honey.�����������������������������������������������������
4. The bear hits the beehive with a stick.�����������������������������
5. The bees get very happy.���������������������������������� ����������
6. Bruce wants to sting the bees.����������������������������� �����������
Bruce thinks of climbing a tree but bees can fly and find him, so he doesn�t climb a tree. He thinks to hide behind a big tree but the bees can see him, so he doesn�t hide behind the big tree.

He doesn�t know what to do. Where can he hide from the bees? Bruce is very, very tired and thirsty and hungry. Then he sees a little lake in the distance. It is deep and the water looks dark and black. He runs as fast as he can and jumps. He lands with a big SPLASH in the water. Brrrrrr, it is very, very cold. He floats and sees the bees coming to the lake. So he swims under the water and swims to the other side of the lake where the bees can�t see him.

Read and click on the best answer.
Who? Bruce the bear or The bees.
1. �doesn't climb a tree.
2. �can fly and see .
3. �doesn't know what to do.
4. �can see a small lake.
5. �are coming to the lake.
6. �can't see .
When Bruce goes out from the water he sees the bees flying around the place he went under. So he comes back to where the beehive is. He takes the beehive and carries it to his cave.

Bruce eats the delicious honey. He is happy because he has got the honey just for him. Next time, he thinks in the best way to get the honeyand the bees can�t see him.

Read and choose the picture that best describes this paaragraph.
�������������������� �
�������� ������������������������������������������������������������