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Phone conversations

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Fill in the gaps with one of the following words/expressions in the right form. You may use them more than once. Don't forget to add the pronouns when necessary
Break down����� call by����� cut sb off����� hang up���� � put someone through� ���� hand (sb) over�to sb�����
hang on�(infml)���������� engaged������ �call back��� �� get through� ���� pick (sb-sth)�up�������� hold on
������� 1- A: Good morning, this is Mrs Jones. Could I please�speak�to Mr Simons?
���������� �B: , I'll .
����������� A: Thanks.
�2- A: Hi Jim, it's Mary. Your son wants to tell you something. , I'll�� �to him.
����������� B: Dad? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
3- �A: Yesterday I had a terrible day! My car while I was driving��in�the�highway!
������������ B: Oh no! so what did you do?
�A: Well, I tried to call my garage about 4 times but I always got the �signal. So I ended up calling 911 so that they could �the emergency rescue service, but when they did, I got . Soooo, I had to �and explain everything again.
����������� B: But did you finally �to a mechanic?
A: Yeah, thanks God! The tow truck finally came, but Jim had to come and �because I had to leave my car in the garage.
4- A: Lex Motors, how can we help you?
���� B: Hi, this is ms. Jackson. I'm calling to know if my car's already been fixed. It's a�2007 red Mustang.
��� ������ A: ,�I'll ask the mechanic.
�������� � B: Thanks.
A: Ms Jackson? Your car's been fixed, so you can come whenever you want and.
���������� B: Thanks, is it ok if I �this evening?
��������� �A: Yes, of course.
���������� B: Ok, thank you, have a nice day!
���������� A: Thanks, you too.
������ 5-� A: Hi, it's Mike again. Sorry but�I got . So, What time did you say?
�B: The dinner is at eight but I was thinking we could meet before and have� some drinks, what do you think?
���������� A: Perfect! Do you�wanna meet me�at the pub? Or I can �if you prefer.�
B: No, don't worry I've got some things to do, so I'll see you at the pub at� 6.30?
���������� A: Great! so I'll see you there!
���������� B: Bye, see you later!

Pic Man on the phone by Joaqu�n Santamar�a Morales