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The Twits, Roal Dahl

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The Twits', based on a book written by Roald Dahl

Find the correct form / time of the verbs (wear, steal, send, pay, hit)
Option1: the infinitive / present tense
Option 2: The past tense
Option 3: The perfect tense (have / has / had)
The famous author, Roald Dahl, has written about the awful Mr. and Mrs. Twit. They probably ugly clothes, because they didn’t want to
 for something new. Mrs. Twit had a walking stick, not because she had sore feet, but she used it to  people, especially small
children. Their parents never wanted to  them over to The Twits’ house because Mrs. Twit had  several people with her walking stick.
She didn’t care who she  with her stick. These two nasty persons always did bad tricks. When one of them had done something bad, the other
one  back with something even worse. In the book we don’t hear if they had ever  anything, but the way we know them, they
would probably want to steal from everybody if they got the opportunity. At least we know they  the monkey’s freedom. Fortunately The
Roly-Poly bird  the horrible couple out of their house. The Roly-Poly Bird had also  them away to buy guns.  At the end of the book
The Twits’ got the dreaded shrinks. Mrs. Twits normally wanted to  an apron, which she had also  this last day in their life.
Everything what was left from this horrid couple was a bundle of clothes, their shoes and a walking stick. All the animals had  them back!