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Comparative of Superiority (adjectives)

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Comparative of Superiority
A. Compare the two images using the adjective in the correct form
        (more + adjective + than  / adjective+er + than  / irregular + than).
1.                  The hotel is  the bank. (tall)
             Sheraton Gunter Hotel                         Ocean Bank
2.                Yemesi is  Jennifer. (beautiful)
                    Yemesi                                       Jennifer
3.                 The double bass is  the violin. (big)
4.                The clarinet is  the tuba. (small)
5.                  Playing the piano is  playing the tambourine. (difficult)
6.                 Learning English is  learning Chinese. (easy)
7.                   Mozart is  Emanuel. (talented)
8.                  A rainy day is  a sunny day. (boring)
9.                   Classical music is  folk music. (complex)
10.                  Anaike is  Brianna. (happy)
                    Anaike                                                 Brianna
11.                A birthday party is  watching tv. (good)
12.                Being sick at home is  going to school. (bad)
                sick                                            school 
13.                China is  away from Portugal  France. (far)
14.               Brazil is  England. (hot)