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Present Perfect & Simple Past

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Present Perfect and Simple Past

Write the present perfect or simple past of the verb in brackets in the spaces of the following stories.

Jim's Car Accident

Jim� (have) three accidents this year.� The most recent accident� (happen) yesterday.� A woman� (crash) into his car in the parking lot of the grocery store.� The woman� (get) out of her car and (yell) at Jim.� She� (be) very angry.� She said, "I'm an excellent driver.� I�� (never have) an accident before. � This is your fault."

When Jim (get) home, his wife (be) upset.� She said, "It (cost) us $800 to repair the car after your last accident.� I'm really worried that you (become) a bad driver."

Jim insisted, "It (not be) my fault.� The other driver� (drive) through a stop sign and then she (hit) me.� I (be) very careful since the last accident.� This (be) the worst day!� I'm going to bed!"

Gavin's Sick Days

Gavin (call) in sick to work on Monday.� His boss was frustrated and said, "You (call) in sick four times this month."

Gavin replied, "I'm sorry.� I� (catch) a cold from my son.� He� (start) daycare last month and he (be) sick since then.� I am a good employee and last year I� (not take) one sick day."

Gavin's boss said, "It's true.� You (be) a good employee.� You (always do) your work on time and you (bring) the company a lot of business since you (start) working for us."

Gavin said,� "Last week I (show) Tina all the projects I have been working on.� She (say) she can help me.� She (work) on many similar projects since she� (be) hired."

Gavin boss replied, "Okay.� Get lots of rest and we'll see you tomorrow."