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Present Perfect & Simple Past

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Present Perfect and Simple Past

Write the present perfect or simple past of the verb in brackets in the spaces of the following stories.

Jim's Car Accident

Jim  (have) three accidents this year.  The most recent accident  (happen) yesterday.  A woman  (crash) into his car in the parking lot of the grocery store.  The woman  (get) out of her car and (yell) at Jim.  She  (be) very angry.  She said, "I'm an excellent driver.  I   (never have) an accident before.   This is your fault."

When Jim (get) home, his wife (be) upset.  She said, "It (cost) us $800 to repair the car after your last accident.  I'm really worried that you (become) a bad driver."

Jim insisted, "It (not be) my fault.  The other driver  (drive) through a stop sign and then she (hit) me.  I (be) very careful since the last accident.  This (be) the worst day!  I'm going to bed!"

Gavin's Sick Days

Gavin (call) in sick to work on Monday.  His boss was frustrated and said, "You (call) in sick four times this month."

Gavin replied, "I'm sorry.  I  (catch) a cold from my son.  He  (start) daycare last month and he (be) sick since then.  I am a good employee and last year I  (not take) one sick day."

Gavin's boss said, "It's true.  You (be) a good employee.  You (always do) your work on time and you (bring) the company a lot of business since you (start) working for us."

Gavin said,  "Last week I (show) Tina all the projects I have been working on.  She (say) she can help me.  She (work) on many similar projects since she  (be) hired."

Gavin boss replied, "Okay.  Get lots of rest and we'll see you tomorrow."