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Test: New Headway Pre-Intermediate

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                     New Headway Pre-Intermediate Quiz

Units: 1-6


Name_____________________________     ID # ___________________ Group#________

QI: Complete the sentences with during, while, or for.             [2.5 marks]

   Example:-    I went sailing during  my holiday.

   1. We met ______ we were at university.

   2. We lived in Zanzibar ______ two years.

   3. We’re going away ______ two months this year.

   4. It is very hot ______ the day.

  5. ______ we were waiting, we saw some old friends.

QII:  Directions: Complete the sentences by using in, on, ago, for, or since.        [2.5 marks]

  1. I graduated from college _________ 2002.


  1. What are you doing __________ next Thursday?


  1. I’ve been studying Spanish _________ I was 11 years old.


  1. He came to live here four years _________.


  1. He’d been painting __________many years before he sold his first picture.


QIII:  Put the verb in the correct tense. Fill in the blank: [marks2.5]


1.    I _____________(am learn, am learning, have been learning) English for three years.

2.    Thanks for the letter. It was great__________ (hear, to hear, to heard) from you.

3.    _______________ (Has you, Are you, Have you) met my new friend Zaineb?

4.    She ___________________ (had try, has been trying, try) to get a job in Africa since she (graduated, graduate) last year. She hasn’t had (many, much, some) success.

5.    She asked me__________ (to go, to went, goes) with her to Egypt.  

 QIV: Read the stories and answer the following questions: [10 marks]

           A Hundreds of homes in the south west have no electricity after the recent strong winds and heavy rain. In Bourmouth, a three hundred-year-old tree fell on two houses. Fortunately, nobody was at home.

        B.  People in a Norfolk village woke up to a surprise this morning. While they were sleeping, students from the local university painted all the grass in the village red. The post office manager said, ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked out of the window at 5.30 this morning. I think it is funny, but a lot people don’t.’ The postman said, ‘It was dark when I went to work so I was walking on it before I saw it – there is red paint on my shoes. I was very angry at the time, but now I can see the funny side of it.’

       C-Last night thieves broke into the city’s art gallery and stole two small Van Gogh paintings. Police say that the thieves knew the building and that they were professionals. The night watchman told police that he was watching TV when the robbery took place and that he didn’t hear or see anything unusual.

[a]  Write A, B, or C.

Which story is about:

 1. a robbery?----------------

2. bad weather? ---------------------

3. a joke? ---------------------------

[b] Answer these questions:

1-Why is there no electricity in the south west?


2-Why wasn't anyone hurt in Bournemouth? 


3- What were the people doing while the students were painting the grass red?


4-How do we know the post office manager was surprised?                                                                        ______________________________________________________________________



5-What did the people think of the joke? ______________________________________________________________________                                                 

6-Why did red paint get on the postman's shoes?                                             ______________________________________________________________________

7-How do we know the art thieves were 'experts'?                                                                                                       _____________________________________________________________________



QV: Directions: Change the adjective to the comparative and superlative form.

                                                                                                [2.5 marks ]





















QVI: Match the questions and answers.  [3 marks]

1. Who did you go out with last night?

2. Where do you live?

3. When’s your birthday?

4. How much did you pay for these shoes?

5. How are you?

6. Which newspaper do you read?

a. Fifty dollars.

b. Fine. And you?

c. Leonardo and Julia.

d. The Times.

e. It was last month.

f. In a house in the suburbs.





QVII: Making Plans: You will hear a Mary, Sue and John talking making plans for this evening. Circle the correct answer to the questions. You will hear the listening twice.   [10 marks ]

1.         Where does Mary suggest?

A) Going to the disco   B) Eating in a restaurant    C) Going to the cinema

2.         How often has Sue been to the cinema?

A) Three nights           B) Twice              C) Six times

3.         What does John suggest?

A) Going to the disco           B) Eating in a restaurant            C) Going to a concert

4.         What do they decide to go?

A) to the pub         B) to a concert               C) to a disco

5.         Why can't they take Mary's car?

A) It's been stolen     B) Her brother has taken it to Scotland      C) It's not working

6.         Why can't they walk?

A) It's raining       B) It's too far                    C) It's too dark  

7.         Why can't they take the underground?

A) It's not on the underground               B) It's too far            C) It's too expensive 

8.         Why do they not take a taxi?

A) It's not that far away            B) It's too far C)            It's too expensive

9.         How do they decide to go?

A) By bus                      B) By train                 C) In John's car

10.       When does the concert start?

A) At six thirty (6.30)         B) At seven thirty (7.30)          C) At a quarter to seven (6.45)





QVIII: Write a letter to your friend living in England. Give news of a recent holiday    

        you had. Say where you went, who with and what you did. Give some news

        about what you are doing at the moment, and how your family is.

                                                                                                                  [7 marks]