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Read the following dialogues and complete them with suitable pronouns
Albert I had an eye problem so went to a clinic near �house.
Teacher What time was that ?
Albert About 11.00 o'clock.
Teacher Then what happened ?
Albert I went into the clinic and was told by a nurse �didn't look friendly that had to wait as there were many patients waiting to be examined. I took a seat and told� to spend time reading the magazines. I waited for almost an hour for turn but� never came. So, went to the counter to enquire. The nurse was there. ignored my question. When I asked again, very rudely told me to sit and wait for turn. was very annoyed by response.�I slammed the clinic door as I stormed out.
Teacher Where did go after that ?
Albert walked down the road and looked for another clinic. I found one after searching for half an hour. went inside and demanded to see a doctor immediately. The nurse there was sympathetic. immediately registered name and showed to the doctor's room.