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Course Title: Headway Beginners- Units 7-8-9���������������

������������������������������������������������ Exam: Final �������������������������������������������100

Student Name: __________________________________ Date: ____________


10 Marks

Question No.(1):

A-Circle the correct Pronoun.

1. Tom gave us / we a computer game for Christmas.

2. I�m going to phone they / them now.

3. Mother took me / I to the Natural History Museum.

4. His older brother helps he / him with the homework.

5. The taxi driver drove her / she to the theatre.

B- Complete the sentences with the object pronoun corresponding�� to the underlined noun/ expression.

Example: I eat soup. I eat it.

1. The baby drinks milk.______________________________________________________________

2. He made promises to Sara and me. ______________________________________________________________

3. We can understand you and your father. ______________________________________________________________

4. I miss my friends. ______________________________________________________________

5. Emma loved Joe.


5 Marks

Question No.(2):

A-Choose the correct word A,B or C:

1. __________is this woman?������������������������� Mrs. Newton.

A) Who����� ���� B) Whose������� C) What

2. ___________is Sue going?������������������������ To the shops.

A) Who����� ����� B) When������� C) Where

3. ___________do you play football? ������������������On Sunday.

A) Who����� ����� B) When������� C) What

4. ____________is your father's name?��������� Tom.

A) Who����� ������ B) Whose����� C) What

5. ____________are the children? ��������������������At the park.

A) Who��������� B) Where�������� C) Whose

5 Marks

B-Complete the questions with question words.

a) ___________ will you travel to London?����������� I�ll travel next month.��

b) ___________ will she sleep?��� ����������������������She�ll sleep in that bed.

c) __________ will they arrive? �����������������������They�ll arrive at midnight.���������������� ����������d) ___________ will he absent tomorrow?������Because he�ll visit the doctor.

e) _________ will they go to the beach? ����������They�ll go by car.

10 Marks

Question No.(3): Read and match words and pictures.