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Whizz Kid Steward

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1����� Steward is a tenth grade student at Kilbourne College in USA. What makes him different from his classmates is his

������� intelligence. He was just five years old when he started reading and writing. It didn�t take long time for him to stand

������� out among his friends. His parents were aware of Steward�s cleverness. One day, his teacher invited his parents to

������� the school. They accepted and went there. They talked about the great achievements which Steward made in

5����� lessons. Furthermore, they decided that he would be more creative if he was trained in more complicated fields. He

������� was given a test to determine his major skills areas. He gave correct answers to most of the questions but he was

������� more successful especially in verbal ones. After that, his teachers encouraged him to apply to competitions where he

������� could show his success to more people. He took part in a competition called �Whizz Kids�. There werea hundred

������� questions in the test. Since he can do calculations quickly with numbers in two digits, he finished them earlier than

10��� most of the contesters. As a result, he waschosen as the winner. The organizers of the competition gave him a small

������� golden star award. It was his first prize which he had for his intellectual talent. Besides being the most clever boy in

������� his class, he is one of the leading sporty character of the college. He plays for the basketball team and practices with

������� team on Wednesdays. This gives him chance to develop himself physically, too. He takes good care of his diet as well.

������� He rarely eats junk food. �I almost hate it� he says. Steward helps the old people in streets. If we want

15�� to be respected in the future, we should help them in any way we can, he goes on. Both his teachers and friends at

������� school and his parents at home are proud of him.

������� What do these words refer to?

������� 1) He in line 2 refers to �����������������������.. .

������� 2) They in line 4 refers to ���������������������������� .

������� 3) There in line 4 refers to ���������������������������. .

������� 4) Ones in line 7 refers to ���������������������������.. .

������� 5) Them in line 9 refers to ���������������������������. .

������� 6) It in line 11 refers to ����������������������������� .

������� 7) This in line 13 refers to ���������������������������. .

��� ����8) It in line 14 refers to ����������������������������.. .

������� 9) Them in line 15 refers to ��������������������������. .

������� 10) Him in line 16 refers to ��������������������������.. .