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First Reading Comprehension

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Read the text and answer the questions:

Hello,�my name is Jeff. I am 10 years old. I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My mother's name is Anna and
my father's name is Anthony. I go to Davidson elementary school with�my sisters and my brother goes to Kenyata�school.
He is big, he is 14 years old and my sisters are 7. They are twins.
I like to play football and�Play Station games�with my brother. My sisters like to play tennis and badminton. They also�like
to play�on the Wii sport. We go to school on Mondays to Fridays and stay�home on�week-ends. I have many�
lessons at school - mathematics, English, French, history, geography, sports, music, computers�and art.
In mathematics we have many questions and exercises. In English and French we read and write�sentences. In history and geography
we draw maps and fill in information about� villages.�The teacher�says�the names of�villages and we
circle the�villages on the map. On the bottom of the map we write our names and on the top of the map we write the name of the
map. In sports we play football, rugby or tennis. In music lessons we listen�to music and sing songs. In
computer class we use Word and Internet. In art we draw. The art teacher draws a star when the�drawing is good. We show the
homework to the teacher to check. My favorite�subject is geography.
Please write about your school also!


(A) Write the correct verb:

1) Jeff �10 years old.
2) He �in Nairobi.
3) He �2 sisters and 1 brother.
4) His mother's name �Anna and his father's name �Anthony.
5) Jeff �to Davidson elementary school and his brother �to Kenyata school.
6) Jeff �to play with his brother.
7) They �to school on Mondays to Fridays and �home on week-ends.
8) Jeff �many lessons at school.
9) In English and French he���and .
10) In geography he �maps.

(B) Choose the correct verb:

1) The teacher �the name of villages.
2) We �in information.
3) On the bottom we �our name.
4) In sports we �football.
5) In music we �to music and we �songs.
6) In computers�we �how to use Word and Internet.
7) Jeff �his homework.
8) The art teacher �a star.
9) The teacher �the homework.
10) Please �about your school!

(C) BONUS - Answer the questions:

1)�Where does Jeff live?
2) What does Jeff play with his brother?
3) When does Jeff go to school?