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Present Continuous or Present Simple

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Simple Present or Present Continuous
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Present Simple or Present Continuous?
A. When do you use these time expressions?
     Choose the correct option, PS (present simple) or PC (present continuous).
     1. always                                PS      PC
     2. every day                            PS      PC
     3. now  (or right now)            PS      PC
     4. today                                   PS      PC
     5. sometimes                           PS      PC
     6. once a week                        PS      PC
     7. at the moment                     PS      PC
     8. this month                           PS      PC
     9. often (frequently)                PS      PC
   10. on Mondays/ Tuesdays...    PS      PC
   11. twice a day                          PS      PC
   12. never                                   PS      PC
   13. hardly ever (rarely)            PS      PC
   14. usually (normally)              PS      PC
   15. three times a year               PS      PC
   16. at weekends                         PS      PC
B. Write the verbs in the Present Simple for the subjects: he/ she/ it.
     1. Tom  (work)           5. John  (watch)              9. Paul  (study)
     2. Susan  (live)           6. Helena  (wash)           19. Laura  (play)
     3. The dog   (run)         7. The cat  (pass)            20. The car  (carry)
     4. My mother  (go)       8. The computer  (do)        21. The baby  (stay)
C. Complete the sentences with the verbs in the Present Continuous.
     1. Today, Jennifer  (study) very hard.
     2. The students  (do) good work.
     3. (learn) French at school.
     4. At the moment, the radio  (play) classical music.
     5. This week, we  (work) a lot at school.
     6. This year, my friends and I  (enjoy) our English lessons very much.
     7. You  (not/ listen) to music right now.
     8. Robert and Jeremy (not/ go) to the concert.
     9.  (they/ go) to the recital?
   10.  (she/ stay) at home today?
   11.  (I/ learn) English well?
   12.  (you/ speak) on the telephone now?
D. Choose the correct option to complete the sentences (Present Simple or Present Continuous).
     1. The band ... an interview right now.          
         a) gives        b) is giving        c) give
     2. The musicians ... to play for their fans.
         a) are loving      b) loves       c) love
     3. The Corrs ... a musical band.
         a) is being       b) are being    c) are
     4. The student ... the trumpet every day.
         a) is playing     b) plays       c) play
     5. Daniela ... to the teacher at the moment.
         a) isn't listening    b) aren't listening     c) doesn't listen   
     6. She ... her email once a day.
         a) check      b) is checking     c) checks
     7. We ... to work this week, because it's our holidays.
         a) don't go      b) aren't go      c) aren't going
     8. ... classical music?
         a) You like     b) Are you liking     c) Do you like
     9. ... English now? Yes, she is.
         a) Is Mafalda studying       b) Does Mafalda study     c) Mafalda studying
   10. What ... ? She's sleeping.
         a) Josephine does      b) does Josephine do      c) is Josephine doing
   11. What ... ? He's a singer.
          a) Mark does       b) does Mark do      c) is Mark doing
   12. Liliana always ... her homework.
         a) is doing       b) does      c) do
   13. These students ... very often.
         a) don't study     b) aren't studying     c) not study
E. Finally, complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs (Present Simple or Present Continuous).
     1. My father  (give) me €2,00 to eat at school every day.
     2. I usually  (have) a sandwish and some milk.
     3. Today, I  (eat) something different: an orange juice and a cake.
     4. My best friend  (talk) on the phone at the moment.
     5. My class  (wait) for the Geography teacher right now.
     6. We never  (like) to wait for the teachers.
     7.  (Carmen/ listen) to music on her mp3? No, she's checking her voicemail.
   10. " (Frederic/ go) to the beach every summer?"  "No, he  . He  (go) camping."
   11. At weekends, Camila  (watch) a film at the cinema.
   12. Patrícia  (not/ work) this month. She's on holidays.
   13. " (you/ listening) to me right now?"   "No, I  (not/ listen). I'm sorry.!
   14. John  (not/ sit) in classes every day. He's a bad student.
   15. They  (not/ travel) on their holidays. They usually  (stay) at home.
   16. " (you/ like) chocolate?"   "Yes, I  (love) it!"
   17. The Amazon river  (be) bigger than the Nile.
   18. The Alentejo and the Algarve  (be) in the south.