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My name is Molly. I am a secretary at MGP. I have a very busy day. I am responsible for many things. Every day I start my work at 8 o�clock. I have to prepare different documents, answer the letters and work with customers. I sometimes have to write contracts and prepare tenders. The work is interesting but it requires much patience. In the afternoon at 12:00 I have a break for lunch. I usually go to the canteen. I order main course and a dessert. I prefer going with my work mate. Her name is Jessica. She is the head of the financial department. She is good at making calculations. We used to go to� school together. Jessica is three years younger than me. She used to go to the same form with my younger sister. We were not good friends then. But since she started to work for MGP we have been very close friends. We often meet after work too. We help and support each other if it is necessary. Jessica is a very good friend.

1.���� Her name is Jane.

2.��� She is a manager.

3.��� She works at at town council.

4.��� She starts her work at 8:00.

5.��� She is responsible for documents.

6.��� She does not answer thge letters.

7.��� She works with customers.

8.��� She asks Jessica to write a contract if it is necessary.

9.��� She sometimes prepares tenders.

10.Her work requires patience.

11.She works till 11:00.

12.She goes to the cafe.

13.She likes to go to the cafe on her own.

14.She has a good work-mate.

15.His name is Jeff.

16.Her friend is good at writing letters.

17.They used to be classmates.

18.Jessica has a younger sister.