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Stative verbs and phrases with prepositions

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Expressions with prepositions

Choose the correct preposition

  1. Michael has not many talents but he is good music.

  2. When we arrived at Quito, it was beginning rain.

  3. I'mlooking forwardmeeting you.

  4. Do you think England willbe ablewin the World Cup one day?

  5. People with insufficient personalities arefond cats.

  6. The website is beginning generate money.

  7. Sarah is looking forward hearing from Mike.

  8. He is very fondhanding out advice.

  9. He was able finish his project before the deadline.

  10. My name is Iris. It's a pleasure to meet you.May I help youanything?

    Stative verbs

Choose the correct option

  1. What you about? Iabout my next holiday

  2. I quotations. Tell me what you know.

  3. I a party

  4. She in UFOs.

  5. Yong three motorbikes.

  6. I her accent.

  7. I a lot of English words.

  8. The box 24 cans of soda.

  9. I of joining a new course.

  10. She very nice in that dress.

  11. you a good time?

  12. I Robert tomorrow