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Easter Bunny´s Twin Brother

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Happy Easter

Read this story and complete it with the words in the word bank.
 bunny               spaghetti                  sea                    forest
 Easter                house                   name                    sweets

Easter is coming! And the Easter Bunny is in his big and very beautiful house in the forest. He prepares all the chocolates and and biscuits to all the good boys and good girls.

In another house on the other side of the , lives another bunny. This bunny is the Easter Bunny’s twin brother. His is Thomas.

Thomas doesn’t like his twin brother. Easter Bunny is very famous and all the people and specially kids love him. Easter Bunny is always a good little . He never has problems, but Thomas always has problems. Thomas causes too many problems that his parents don’t live with him. The Bunny doesn’t know where his twin brother lives.

Read and choose: The Easter Bunny or Thomas.

1.         lives in a beautiful house.

2.         prepares things for the good kids.

3.       isn’t famous.

4.       has a lot of problems.


Read the story again and choose the best title for it.

The magic forest.                     

Easter Bunny’s twin brother.        

The big house in the forest.         



“I can make a better Easter basket than my brother,” says Thomas. I know what children want for Easter. They are getting tired of chocolate and sweets and biscuits. They want something different.

So Thomas works and works very, very hard. He makes racing cars for the good boys and little dolls for the good girls. He wishes to have everything ready for Easter.

The night before Easter day, Easter Bunny delivers his Easter chocolates and sweets and biscuits to all the good boys and good girls on his list. Thomas follows behind and delivers his gifts, too.

On Easter morning, the children love their special surprises. They sit down and write thank you letters to the Easter Bunny.

Write: yes or no.
1. Thomas says he can’t make a better Easter basket than his brother.      
2. Children want something different for Easter.          
3. Easter Bunny sleeps and sleeps very much.     
4. Easter Bunny and Thomas deliver their gifts on Easter morning.    
5. The children like their special surprises.   
The Easter Bunny is very surprised when he reads the millions of letters. The children don’t say thanks for the chocolates and sweets and biscuits. The kids say thank you for the racing cars and the little dolls.
    The Easter bunny is more surprised now because he doesn’t give the children racing cars or little dolls. He gives them chocolates and sweets and biscuits. “Racing cars and little dolls, eh. Umm, what a wonderful idea!” thinks Easter bunny.
    Easter Bunny is very, very good and he decides to find the person who gives racing cars and little dolls to the good children.

1.       The Easter Bunny reads…

           The list of good children. 

           The letters from the kids.

           Thomas’ letter.


2.       The kids say in the letters…

           They don’t like chocolates, sweets and biscuits.

           They want more presents.

           Thank you for the presents.

3.       The Easter Bunny thinks…

           “I want to walk in the forest”

           “I don’t like the special presents”

           “What a wonderful idea!”


 Easter Bunny looks and looks. He walks and walks. He is very, very tired and thirsty and hungry but he continues. After a long time, he sees another bunny with a big basket. There are many racing cars and many beautiful little dolls.

 “Who are you?” asks the Easter Bunny.

“Oh,” says Thomas. “Hi! I’m your twin brother, Thomas.”

“My twin brother!” Says the Easter Bunny. “That’s impossible.”

 Choose the correct answer.

1.       Does the Easter Bunny see Thomas with a big basket?

          Yes, he does.                     No, he doesn't.
  2.       Does Thomas tell a fairy tale to the Easter Bunny?
          Yes, he does.                     No, he doesn't.


Thomas tells the Easter Bunny his sad story.

“I want to be like you, but I’m a bad bunny!” Thomas cries.

“Thomas, you are like me!” says the Easter Bunny. “Look at all the racing cars and pretty little dolls that you make for the children, you are a very good and nice bunny.” says the Easter Bunny.

“Really,” says Thomas. And the Easter Bunny shows Thomas one of the letters from the kids.

 Choose the correct answer.

   3.       Does Thomas want to be like the Easter Bunny?
          Yes, he does.                     No, he doesn't.

4.       Does the Easter Bunny show Thomas a book?

          Yes, he does.                     No, he doesn't.


“Wow!” says Thomas. “They really like the racing cars and the little dolls!”

“Yes, twin brother,! says the Easter Bunny. “They do. Now, we can give our presents to all the good children.”

“Great idea!” says Thomas happily.

 Choose the correct answer.
     5.       Does Thomas say “Great idea”?
          Yes, he does.                     No, he doesn't.