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Question Tags

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Question Tags.
1. Write question tags.
1. You have got a cat,
2. Pete lives in Scotland,
3. They didn't win the match,
4. Kate has never been to Italy,
5. You won't tell them,
6. They bought a new car last year,
7. Simon isn't American,
8. Sandra wasn't verz happy about the idea,
9. Mark doesn't work in the office,
10. You will come,
2. Choose the correct answer.
1. You live in that house,
2. Kate won't be late,
3. Sarah has never tried skiing,
4. She can go to the party,
5. This film is long,
6. We don't have to go now,
7. You didn't go,
8. Celia listened to the words,
9. Madonna was famous,
10. Their new song is great,