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Negative sentences in Simple Past Tense

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Change the following into NEGATIVE sentences:

  1. Karilis applied for a new job.
  2. Alexis and Steven studied for the test.
  3. Johanna cried becasue she was ill.
  4. Jonathan and Gryselle were absent.
  5. Melissa was here.
  6. Moises and Carmen made themselves dinner.
  7. �You and David got a good mark on the quiz.
  8. Celi and Gladys ate at Mc Donald's.
  9. Kathyana and Michael went to the movies.
  10. Lizbet and Yamilett did their work.
  11. Alishka was scared.
  12. Jordan and his family enjoyed the trip.
  13. Marie and Vane began to cook for all of you.