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William and Kate - The Royal Wedding

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William and Kate - The Royal Wedding

 Watch the video clip.
Now answer the questions by selecting the correct answer.
Prince William is a highly trained  .
What prospect make William nervous?
What is Prince William's occupation?
Does William consider his job boring?
What is William's name on the badge on his uniform?
What does William say that there still needs to be done in the 4 weeks before the wedding?
What colour handbag is Queen Elizabeth I carrying in the clip?
What relation is Queen Elizabeth I to William?
What date is the royal wedding?
Match the synonyms by typing in the correct letter from list 2 next to the words in list 1.
         List 1                                       List 2
1. regal                              a. job
2. anxious                          b. marriage
3. badge                            c. royal
4. require                          d. nervous                                      
5. occupation                     e. boring
6. wedding                         f. monarch
7. important                      g. think
8. dull                               h. need 
9. consider                        i. emblem
10. ruler                           j. essential
Put a tick next to the correct spelling.
1.  magesty          majesty           magisty           magersty
2.  royalty          royilty            roylty             royelty
3.  exsiting         ecxiting           exciting           axciting
4. fucher            futur              futere             future
5. celabrate       celibrate         celebrate        celobrate 
 Hope you enjoyed this royal activity!