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Fill in: who - whose - which - where - when
I was on my way to the Odeon Cinema, �I wanted to meet my cousin Fred.
I was walking down Richmond Street �I heard a loud noise.
A man had crashed into a tree �was standing at the corner to Corn Street.
The man, �car was badly damaged, was in shock.
I helped him phone his wife, �arrived shortly after the call.
My friend Jimmy, �is very superstitious, loves lucky charms.
One day Jimmy, �room is always an awful mess, decided to do some cleaning.
First he tidied his wardrobe, �he found a rabbit�s paw.
He was very excited �he came over to my place.
He showed me the rabbit�s paw, �was light brown and looked very old.
Last July, �we had our house-warming party, Mum invited our friend Peer from Norway.
Peer arrived at Stanstead Airport, �we picked him up two days before the party.
Peer, �had never been to England before, was very excited.
Peer�s suitcases, �were huge, didn�t fit into the car.
Peer, �suitcases had to take a taxi, was very upset.
I spent a year in Australia �I was only 23 years old.
My first stop was Melbourne, �I have friends.
Peter and Kate, �are both teachers, showed me around.
One day we went to the aquarium, �was awesome!
Peter, �band is pretty cool, plays the double bass.