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Fill in: who - whose - which - where - when
I was on my way to the Odeon Cinema,  I wanted to meet my cousin Fred.
I was walking down Richmond Street  I heard a loud noise.
A man had crashed into a tree  was standing at the corner to Corn Street.
The man,  car was badly damaged, was in shock.
I helped him phone his wife,  arrived shortly after the call.
My friend Jimmy,  is very superstitious, loves lucky charms.
One day Jimmy,  room is always an awful mess, decided to do some cleaning.
First he tidied his wardrobe,  he found a rabbit´s paw.
He was very excited  he came over to my place.
He showed me the rabbit´s paw,  was light brown and looked very old.
Last July,  we had our house-warming party, Mum invited our friend Peer from Norway.
Peer arrived at Stanstead Airport,  we picked him up two days before the party.
Peer,  had never been to England before, was very excited.
Peer´s suitcases,  were huge, didn´t fit into the car.
Peer,  suitcases had to take a taxi, was very upset.
I spent a year in Australia  I was only 23 years old.
My first stop was Melbourne,  I have friends.
Peter and Kate,  are both teachers, showed me around.
One day we went to the aquarium,  was awesome!
Peter,  band is pretty cool, plays the double bass.